Homemade Food

There is nothing better than homemade family food.

About Jordan Laidler

Jordan is a Food and Drink professional who has worked with clients including Tefal, Hellmann's, Ember Inns and many more. He mainly does written work and online influencing campaigns. His experience, dedication and knowledge has allowed him to quickly build a large client base. 

Easy Fish Finger Recipe

Super Simple super tasty recipe is perfect for the kids not only to eat but get involved in. Get your child helping you prep your fish and get them eating some great grub. 

Creamy Lemon Tart Recipe

This lemon tart is perfect to sit back and enjoy and not too had to make either! A cup of team and a slice of the tart is the perfect combo!

Who I am

I am Jordan I live in the North East of England and love nothing more than spending time with my family, cooking and the outdoors. 

Fresh Ingredients are the best

Join me on my journey to a more self reliant lifestyle, living of the land as much as I can. Making my own jams, beer, champagne for those special occasions and growing all my own food. 

Growing the future.

Not only will you be joining me on my journey but also my children Lucy and Holly who love nothing more than being in garden and tasting the fresh produce. 

Perfect Portion Control